woensdag 15 december 2010

Very bad tiding

Today, we received a message saying Lt Kol SBH Ottevaere Serge has passed away. Serge, our former pistol coach and later Chief of Mission, died of cancer, which was diagnosed in Aug 2009. Two surgical operations, followed by chemo treatments, could not save him. End of Sep 2010, doctors were out of solutions, ... unfortunatly.

The Belgian sport shooting community hereby loses a big man, a huge monument.

The funeral takes place on Tuesday, Dec 21st in DEERLIJK at 1030 Hr.

zaterdag 4 december 2010

Results from RIO

300m MRF Rifle 3 Posn
Adjt Provinciael 525 Pts
1CC Cuypers 517 Pts
Adjt Aspers 502 Pts
Team: 1544 Pts (12/16)
25m MRF Pistol
AJM Marique 554 Pts
1QC Michiels 521 Pts
1Lt Lietaert 497 Pts
Team: 1572 Pts (19/19)
25m MRF Pistol Women
OLt Vl Leurs 548 Pts
50m Rifle 3 Posn
1Sdt Vercrusse 564 Pts
300m MRF Rifle 3Posn Final
Adjt Provinciael 549 Pts (14/44)
1CC Cuypers 530 Pts (36/43)
Adjt Aspers 516 Pts (40/43)
25m MRF Pistol Final
AJM Marique 561 Pts (40/48)
25m MRF Pistol Women Indiv
Olt Vl Leurs 552 Pts (16/24)
50m Rifle 3Posn Indiv Women
1Sdt Vercrusse 568 Pts (14/44)

More Pistol Results from RIO

25m MRF Men
AJM Marique 554 Pts, shooting in the final
1QC Michiels 521 Pts
1Lt Lietaert 497 Pts
25m MRF Women
OLt Vl Leurs 548 Pts, shooting in the final

donderdag 2 december 2010

45th WMSC Pistol Finals

25m Center Fire Pistol - Final
AJM Marique 559 Pts - 39th Pl/48
25m Pistol - Final
Olt Vl Leurs 557 Pts - 16th/27

woensdag 1 december 2010

Intermediate results WMSC Brazil

25m CF pistol
AJM Marique 553 Pts, going to the Final
1QC Michiels 548 Pts
1Lt Lietaert 506 Pts
25m Pistol
OLt Vl Leurs 557 Pts, going to the Final
50m Rifle Prone
1Sdt Vercrusse 571 Pts, 581 Pts in the final
300m Standart rifle
Adjt Provinciael 564 Pts, 553 Pts in the final
Adjt Aspers 538 Pts
1CC Cuypers 537 Pts

vrijdag 26 november 2010

New Personal Best for OLt Vl Leurs Eline

On october 24th in Mechelen (MKRV), Eline shot two new personal bests:
563/600 Pts in sport pistol;
556/600 Pts in MRF

maandag 8 november 2010

Belgian Open Air 2010

  1. Best results of our team:
    1Sdt Vercrusse: Gold in Air Rifle Women, 395 +100.4 = 495.4 Pts
    OLt Vl Leurs: Bronze in Air Pistol Women, 364 + 92.9= 456.9 Pts
    AJM Marique: Silver in Air Pistol Men-2, 552 Pts
    Adjt Provinciael: 6th in Air Rifle Men, 571 + 97 = 668 Pts
  2. Other results:
    Air Rifle MenAdjt Aspers: 559 Pts - 22nd Pl
    1CC Cuypers: 555 Pts - 28th Pl
    1Sgt Wets: 547 Pts - 41st Pl
    1CC Baiocchi: 540 Pts - 46th Pl
    Adjt Van Herreweghe: 540 - 47th Pl
    Air Pistol Men1QC Michiels: 557 Pts - 13th Pl
    1CC Meesschaert: 541 Pts - 36th Pl
    Adjt Pirotte: 531 Pts - 55th Pl
    1CC Haenebalcke: 506 Pts - 83rd Pl
    Adjt Ret. Hommers: 564 Pts - Gold in Men-3
    Air Pistol Women1CC Deruytter: 352 Pts - 11th Pl
    1CC Ret. Gerits: 335 Pts - 5th in Women-2

donderdag 28 oktober 2010

zondag 24 oktober 2010

R-CISM Shooting Championship AUT-2010

From Oct 18th-22nd, Austria organized a Regional CISM championship Pistol shooting in Süssenbrunn (near to Vienna) and a Regional CISM championship for Rifle shooting in Lienz (Tirol). Due to a different program, our Rifle Team left on sunday and came back on saterday, the Pistol Team left on monday and was back on friday. Weather was cold and windy, only on friday there was a little sun.

  1. 25m CF Team Match
    Adjt Pirotte: 561 Pts (277+284), New Personal Best
    1QC Michiels: 543 Pts (275+268)
    1Lt Liétaert: 542 Pts (270+272)
    AJM Marique: 534 Pts (283+251), 2 x zero in RF
    Team Result: 1646 Pts, 10th place/10
  2. 25m CF Individual Match
    Adjt Pirotte: 552 Pts (272+280), 30th Pl/37
    1QC Michiels: 552 Pts (284+268), 32nd/37
    1Lt Liétaert: 540 Pts (268+272), 36th/37
    AJM Marique: 558 Pts (280+278), 28th/37
  3. 25m MRF Team Match
    Adjt Pirotte: 565 Pts (185+194+186), New Personal Best
    1QC Michiels: 549 Pts (188+182+179)
    1Lt Liétaert: 531 Pts (179+181+171)
    AJM Marique: 552 Pts (186+179+187)
    Team result: 1666 Pts, 9th place/10
  4. 25m MRF Individual Match
    Adjt Pirotte: 564 Pts (187+190+187), 26th/37
    1QC Michiels: 545 Pts (187+181+177), 34th/37
    1Lt Liétaert: 561 Pts (189+187+185), 27th/37
    AJM Marique: 576 Pts (194+189+193), 11th/37, New Personal Best
  5. More pistol results on: https://sites.google.com/site/nmpshp/Results
Rifle Results:
  1. 300m Standard Rifle, 3x20, Team Match
    Adjt Aspers: 552 Pts (196+181+175)
    1CC Cuypers: 542 Pts (193+171+178)
    CLC Baiocchi: 540 Pts (189+169+182)
    Adjt Van Herreweghe: 518 Pts (187+165+166)
    Team Result: 1634 Pts, 8th Place/9
  2. 300m Standard Rifle, 3x20, Individual Match
    Adjt Aspers: 542 Pts (195+172+175), 29th/38
    1CC Cuypers: 549 Pts (197+175+177), 27th/38
    CLC Baiocchi: 536Pts (192+165+179), 36th/38
    Adjt Van Herreweghe: 540 Pts (192+180+168), 32nd/38, New personal Best
  3. 300m MRF Rifle, 3x20, Team Match
    Adjt Aspers: 523 Pts (190+165+168)
    1CC Cuypers: 540 Pts (188+169+183)
    CLC Baiocchi: 506 Pts (181+155+170)
    Adjt Van Herreweghe: 479 Pts (170+153+156)
    Team Result: 1569 Pts, 7th place/9
  4. 300m MRF Rifle, 3x20, Individual Match
    Adjt Aspers: 531 Pts (188+164+179), 22nd/38, New personal Best
    1CC Cuypers: 520 Pts (191+157+172), 26th/38
    CLC Baiocchi: 506 Pts (189+149+168), 32nd/38
    Adjt Van Herreweghe: 446 Pts (180+118+148), 38th/38

zondag 17 oktober 2010

Ammo testing in Lapua (FIN)

On Oct 14th, in the Lapua factory (Finland), the team tested new lots of 6mm BR Norma which are to be purchased . All lots passed, but only the best were chosen to be delivered.
Unfortunately, we encountered a sudden burn out of one of our barrels: bullet speed dropped drastically (> 50 m/s), and the grouping at 300m increased dramatically (> 20 cm). That makes one more barrel less for the WC. Three out of seven are out of order now . Hope the material manager can buy new barrels in time.
Lapua: http://www.nammo.fi/

zondag 10 oktober 2010

Team for CISM World Championship Shooting

  1. Pistol Team
    Men: AJM Marique, 1QC Michiels, 1Lt Liétaert
    Women: OLt Vl Leurs

  2. Rifle Team
    Men: Adjt Provinciael, Adjt Aspers, 1CC Cuypers
    Women: 1Sdt Vercrusse

Pistol Selection Matches World Championship Part II

  1. CF matches at Zwevegem
    1QC Michiels: 561 Pts (Best 2010) & 556 Pts
    Adjt Pirotte: 536 Pts & 550 Pts
    CLC Jossart: 506 Pts & 518 Pts
    1CC Haenebalcke: 495 Pts (Malfunctions)
    1CC Hooghe: 539 Pts & 546 Pts
    Lt Liétaert: 544 Pts & 552 Pts
  2. MRF matches at Zwevegem
    1QC Michiels: 542 Pts & 556 Pts (New Personal Best)
    Adjt Pirotte: 557 Pts & 532 Pts
    CLC Jossart: 473 Pts & 467 Pts
    1CC Haenebalcke: 490 Pts & 495 Pts (Malfunctions)
    1CC Hooghe: 546 Pts & 543 Pts
    Lt Liétaert: 551 Pts & 558 Pts

donderdag 30 september 2010

Pistol Selection Matches World Championship

  1. CF matches at Zwevegem, on electronic targets (Kongsberg)
    1QC Michiels: 550 Pts & 557 Pts
    Adjt Pirotte: 546 Pts & 546 Pts
    CLC Jossart: 493 Pts & 518 Pts
    1CC Haenebalcke: 543 Pts & 536 Pts
    1CC Hooghe: 554 Pts (Best 2010) & 551 Pts
    Lt Liétaert: 546 Pts & 565 Pts (New Personal Best)
    OLt Vl Leurs: 551 Pts & 561 Pts ( New Personal Best)
    AJM Marique: 568 Pts
  2. MRF matches at Zwevegem, on electronic targets (Kongsberg)
    1QC Michiels: 549 Pts & 551 Pts
    Adjt Pirotte: 554 Pts & 552 Pts
    CLC Jossart: 496 Pts & 502 Pts
    1CC Haenebalcke: 540 Pts & 529 Pts
    1CC Hooghe: 550 Pts & 546 Pts
    Lt Liétaert: 543 Pts & 558 Pts
    OLt Vl Leurs: 549 Pts & 550 Pts
    AJM Marique: 558 Pts

Next week: last selection matches 3 & 4.

zondag 26 september 2010

National Championship Sport Pistol (Disc 16)

  1. Senior 1
    1st Pl. Adjt Warichet Carl: 574 Pts (284+290) = National Champion
    4th Pl. 1QC Michiels: 556 Pts (283+273)
    8th Pl. Adjt Pirotte: 550 Pts (269+281)
  2. Senior 3
    1st Pl. Adjt Ret. Hommers: 562 Pts (284+278) = National Champion
  3. Ladies 1
    1st Pl. OLt Vl Leurs: 554 Pts (278+276) = National Champion
    4th Pl. 1CC Deruytter: 528 Pts (253+275)

maandag 20 september 2010

More Nationals

  1. 25m standard Pistol (Disc 14)
    OLt Vl Leurs: 532 Pts (D1-1st), (185+173+174) = National Champion
    1QC Michiels: 522 Pts (S1-5th), (187+172+163)
    Adjt Ret. Hommers: 552 Pts (S3-1st), (192+187+173) = Nat Champion
    Adjt Warichet: 548 Pts (S1-2nd), (191+184+173)
  2. 50m Free Rifle Small Bore Prone (Disc 4)
    Adjt Aspers: 571 Pts (S1-13th)
    1Sgt Wets: 566 Pts (S1-18th)
    CLC Baiocchi: 563 Pts (S1-20th)
  3. 50m Sport Rifle Small Bore Prone (Disc 5)
    1Sdt Vercrusse: 575 Pts (D1-3rd) = Bronze medal

zondag 19 september 2010

Swiss Regional CISM Championship

From 13-17 Sep the championship took place in Thun, where one of the big Swiss shooting fascilities are situated. Both the Belgian Pistol and Rifle Team Men were present, although not in their strongest composition. It was also the first competition for our new Chief of mission. Nine countries had sent teams or individual shooters: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Switserland of course. Switserland came out as Best shooting nation.
The shooters had to get up very early in order to take breakfast (0530 AM) and get ready to take the bus for the range. Lodging took place at Lyss, an hour's drive away from Thun.
For the first time in CISM, an individual Final decided on the best shooter in Pistol and Rifle. Only the best ten shooters in each discipline could participate (based on their results in the individual matches). WO1 Pavlis Carl (AUT) won in Pistol and Cpl Raser Stefan (AUT) took first place in Rifle.
  1. 25m CF Pistol Team Match
    AJM Marique: 550 Pts
    1QC Michiels: 550 Pts
    1CC Hooghe: 542 Pts
    Team: 1642 Pts (6th place)
  2. 25m CF Pistol Individual Match
    AJM Marique: 560 Pts (11th/24)
    1QC Michiels: 544 Pts (17th/24)
  3. 25m MRF Pistol Team Match
    AJM Marique: 560 Pts
    1QC Michiels: 521 Pts
    1CC Hooghe: 542 Pts
    Team: 1623 Pts (6th place)
  4. 25m MRF Pistol Individual Match
    AJM Marique: 550 Pts (14th/24)
    1CC Hooghe: 559 Pts (11th/24)
  5. 300m Standard Rifle Team Match
    1CC Cuypers: 554 Pts
    CLC Baiocchi: 534 Pts
    1Sgt Wets: 520 Pts
    Team result: 1608 Pts (6th place)
  6. 300m Standard Rifle Individual Match
    1CC Cuypers: 545 Pts (19th/25)
    CLC Baiocchi: 543 Pts (21st/25)
    1Sgt Wets: 5211 Pts (25th/25)
  7. 300m MRF Rifle Team Match
    CLC Baiocchi: 508 Pts
    1Sgt Wets: 504 Pts
    1CC Cuypers: 429 Pts (lost 100 Pts, personal mistake)
  8. 300m MRF Rifle Individual Match
    1CC Cuypers: 533 Pts (14th/25)
    CLC Baiocchi: 493 Pts (22nd/25)
    1Sgt Wets: 504 Pts (21st/25)
For Pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/NMP.SHO
More Pistol results: http://sites.google.com/site/nmpshp/Results

zondag 12 september 2010

National Championships 2010

  1. 25m Big bore Pistol (Disc 17)
    Lt Kol SBH (Ret) Ottevaere: 255 Pts (2nd) (132+123)
  2. 50m Free Rifle Small Bore 3Posn, Men 3x40 (Disc 6)
    CLC Baiocchi: 1108 Pts (1st), (385+352+371) = Nat Champion
    1Sgt Wets: 1065 Pts (2nd), (371+337+357)
    1CC Cuypers: 1056 Pts (3rd), (375+336+345)
    Adjt Van Herreweghe: 1029 Pts (5th), (377+302+350)
  3. 50m Sport Rifle Small Bore 3Posn, Women 3x20 (Disc 7)
    1Sdt Vercrusse: 571 Pts (1st), (192+191+188) = Nat Champion
  4. 25m Center Fire Pistol (Disc 13)
    1Lt Liétaert: 552 Pts (2nd), (280+272)
    1QC Michiels: 545 Pts (7th), (274+271)
    Adjt Pirotte: 543 Pts (8th), (264+279)
    1CC Haenebalcke: 541 Pts (9th), (267+274)
    Adjt (Ret) Hommers: 566 Pts (1st-S3), (286+280) = Nat Champion
  5. 100m Free Rifle Big Bore 3Posn, 3x20 (Disc 3)
    1CC Cuypers: 565 Pts (1st), (195+181+189) = New Belgian Record
    Adjt Van Herreweghe: 534 Pts (2nd), (189+167+178)
    CLC Baiocchi: 531 Pts (3rd),(193+156+182)
    1Sgt Wets: 514 Pts (4th), (186+150+178)

zaterdag 11 september 2010

Open Nordic Military Shooting Championship 2010

From Sep 6th till 9th, Finland organised the Championship at KAJAANI. The Kainuu Brigade was our host. Besides the Nordic countries, Latvia and Belgium participated in the competition. Our women (both pistol and rifle shooters) and the men's pistol team competed with the world famous scandinavian shooters. Only OLt Vl Leurs Eline and Sdt Vercrusse Stephanie were able to be of any thread to the Nordic performances. Eline shot 6 points more than her previous Best in MRF.
  1. 25m Center Fire Pistol, Men
    AJM Marique: 555 Pts (23ste/30), "For he's a jolly good fellow, ..."
    Adjt Pirotte: 553 Pts (25ste/30), Equal Best 2010
    Lt Liétaert: 548 Pts (27ste/30)
    1QC Michiels: 548 Pts (28ste/30)
    1CC Hooghe: 547 Pts (29ste/30)
  2. 25m Sport Pistol, Women
    OLt Vl Leurs: 547 Pts (12de/15)
    1CC Deruytter: 540 Pts (14de/15)
  3. 25m MRF Pistol, Men
    AJM Marique: 540 Pts (23ste/30)
    Adjt Pirotte: 543 Pts (25ste/30)
    Lt Liétaert: 532 Pts (27ste/30)
    1QC Michiels: 529 Pts (28ste/30)
    1CC Hooghe: 545 Pts (29ste/30)
  4. 25m MRF Pistol, Women
    Olt Vl Leurs: 554 Pts (7de/15), New Personal Best
    1CC Deruytter: 537 Pts (15de/15)
  5. 50m Sport Rifle Prone 60 shots, Women
    Sdt Vercrusse: 582 Pts (10de/15)
  6. 50m Sport Rifle 3 Posn, Women
    Sdt Vercrusse: 563 Pts (9de/15)
More on this tournament on: http://www.puolustusvoimat.fi/wcm/erikoissivustot/shooting+2010/english/
Some pictures on: http://picasaweb.google.com/NMP.SHO

    zondag 29 augustus 2010

    Cup of Flanders - 25m Pistol - 28 Aug

    The Cup of Flanders 25m Pistol was held in Zwevegem. The province of Limburg won the competition. In their team, two shooters of the military team: Adjt bd Hommers Armand and OLt Vl Leurs Eline. Both won the competition in their categorie (Men & women). A third member of our team, 1CC Haenebalcke, was shooting for the province of Vlaams Brabant, which ended on third place.

    Individual results:
    OLt Vl Leurs Eline: 556 Pts (280+276) - Limburg, Equal Personal Best
    Adjt bd Hommers Armand: 573 Pts (281+292) - Limburg;
    1CC Haenebalcke Patrick: 543 Pts (269+274) - Vlaams Brabant.

    Team BBQ - 28 Aug

    This years gathering took place in Ghent (Leopold barraks). Due to the weather, we had to stay indoors. Nevertheless, all worked out well: we had a fantastic meal, met old team friends again and spent a very good time together, till late for some of us.
    Some pictures on: http://picasaweb.google.com/NMP.SHO

    donderdag 26 augustus 2010

    Training Results Pistol Team 26 Aug at Florennes

    1. CF
      Adjt Pirotte: 551 Pts (277+274)
      AJM Marique: 562 Pts (283+279)
      1QC Michiels: 560 Pts (282+278), Best 2010
      1CC Haenebalcke: 549 Pts (271+278), Equal Best 2010
      Cpl Jossart: 509 Pts (271+243)
    2. MRF
      Adjt Pirotte: 552 Pts (184+189+179)
      AJM Marique: 556 Pts (195+189+172)
      1QC Michiels: 534 Pts (178+182+174)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 511 Pts (178+172+161)
      Cpl Jossart: 489 Pts (181+151+157), in Cal .22 LR

    zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

    Training Results Pistol Team 19 Aug at Florennes

    1. CF
      Adjt Pirotte: 549 Pts (277+272)
      AJM Marique: 565 Pts (282+283)
      AJM Mariutto (LUX): 568 Pts (284+284)
      1QC Michiels: 547 Pts (279+268)
      1CC Deruytter: 540 Pts (267+273), Best 2010
      1CC Haenebalcke: 549 Pts (275+274), Best 2010
      Cpl Jossart: 516 Pts (267+249)
      1Lt Liétaert: 547 Pts (266+281)
    2. MRF
      Adjt Pirotte: 544 Pts (190+182+172)
      AJM Marique: 558 Pts (186+183+189)
      AJM Mariutto (LUX): 566 Pts (194+188+184)
      1QC Michiels: 533 Pts (173+184+176)
      1CC Deruytter: 546 Pts (183+181+182), Best 2010
      1CC Haenebalcke: 507 Pts (172+162+173)
      Cpl Jossart: 498 Pts (165+158+175), in Cal .22 LR
      1Lt Liétaert: 563 Pts (191+181+191), Equal Personal Best

    ISSF WC Munchen (GER)

    Sdt Vercrusse performed in three disciplines:
    50m Rifle-3Posn: 572 Pts - 22x (193+187+192)
    50m Rifle-Prone: 586 Pts - 27x and 579 Pts - 21x
    10m Air Rifle: 390 Pts - 25x

    maandag 26 juli 2010

    ISSF WC Belgrade (Serbia)

    Sdt Vercrusse performed in two disciplines:
    Air Rifle: 388 Pts - 23X;
    50m-3Posn: 559 Pts - 11X (192-184-183).

    Results Regional Championships Pistol Shooting

    1. Disc 13 - Center Fire Pistol
      1QC Michiels: 542 Pts (S1-3rd-VSK)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 542 Pts (S1-VSK)
      1CC Meesschaert: 500 Pts (S1-VSK)
      Adjt Pirotte: 553 Pts (S1-1st-URSTB)
      1Lt Liétaert: 545 Pts (S1-4th-URSTB)
      Adjt bd Hommers: 564 Pts (S3-1st-VSK)
      1SC bd Dillen: 537 Pts (S3-VSK)
    2. Disc 14 - Standard Pistol
      1QC Michiels: 534 Pts (S1-2nd-VSK)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 523 Pts (S1-VSK)
      1CC Meesschaert: 484 Pts (S1-VSK
      Adjt Warichet: 554 Pts (S1-1st-URSTB)
      OLt Vl Leurs: 530 Pts (D1-1st-VSK)
      Adjt bd Hommers: 534 (S3-1st-VSK)
    3. Disc 16 - 25m Pistol
      Adjt Pirotte: 544 Pts (S1-URSTB)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 531 Pts (S1-VSK)
      Adjt bd Hommers: 571 Pts (S3-1st-VSK)
      Adjt Warichet: 579 Pts (S1-1st-URSTB)

    donderdag 8 juli 2010

    Training Results Pistol Team 08 Jul at Florennes

    1. CF
      Adjt Pirotte: 544 Pts (270+274)
      AJM Marique: 569 Pts (282+287)
      1CC Hooghe: 550 Pts (277+273)
      OLt Vl Leurs: 543 Pts (281+262)
      Lt Liétaert: 536 Pts (274+262)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 540 Pts (273+267)
    2. MRF
      Adjt Pirotte: 555 Pts (189+187+179), Schnappszahl
      AJM Marique: 563 Pts (184+189+190)
      1CC Hooghe: 546 Pts (186+174+186)
      OLt Vl Leurs: 518 Pts (164+182+172)
      Lt Liétaert: 548 Pts (188+180+180)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 539 Pts (184+178+177)

    dinsdag 6 juli 2010

    Training Results Pistol Team 01 Jul at Florennes

    1. CF
      Adjt Pirotte: 550 Pts (270+280)
      1CC Hooghe: 541 Pts (268+273)
      1Lt Liétaert: 542 Pts (265+277)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 540 Pts (274+266)
      1QC Michiels: 552 Pts (281+271)
      1CC Deruytter: 526 Pts (258+268)
    2. MRF
      Adjt Pirotte: 545 Pts (178+182+185)
      1CC Hooghe: 542 Pts (179+179+184)
      1Lt Liétaert: 532 Pts (183+178+171)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 522 Pts (178+176+168)
      1QC Michiels: 487 Pts (169+165+153)
      1CC Deruytter: 520 Pts (177+172+171)

    zaterdag 3 juli 2010

    R-CISM Rifle Shooting Championship GER-2010

    Every year, our Rifle team is invited to Sonthofen, to shoot the German CISM Rifle Cup. The tournament was organised by the "Sportfördergruppe der Bündeswehr Sonthofen" from 21-25 of June. Eight European countries were present: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Switserland & Germany.
    1. Standard Rifle 300m Team Match (June 22nd)
      Provinciael: 573 Pts - 15x (New personal Best)
      Adjt Aspers: 556 Pts - 15x
      Adjt Van Herreweghe: 511 Pts - 2x
      Team result: 1640 Pts - 32x (7th place)
    2. Standard Rifle 300m Indiv Match (June 23rd)
      Adjt Provinciael: 569 Pts - 14x (10th)
      Adjt Aspers: 551 Pts - 9x (20th)
      Adjt Van Herreweghe: 531 Pts -5x (25th)
      Team result: 1651 Pts - 28x (3 Pts below Team Best)
    3. MRF Rifle 300m Team & Indiv Match (June 24th)
      Adjt Provinciael: 536 Pts - 4x (14th)
      Adjt Aspers: 511 Pts - 6x (19th)
      Adjt Van Herreweghe: 487 Pts -6x (23rd)
      Team result: 1534 Pts -16x (7th)
    Norway won every competition: 4 gold medals. They took 7 medals out of 12 in total. No wonder they ended up as "Best Shooting Nation" and had the best shooter in their team: Hans Kristian WEAR, 1152 Pts (SR 579 Pts + MRF 573 Pts).

    zondag 20 juni 2010

    Benelux Cup CISM Pistol Shooting 2010

    From June 16th till the 18th, we joined the Dutch team at Arnhem (Lodging) / Nijmegen (Shooting Range) for the annual (since 2006) Benelux Pistol Competition. Unfortunately LUX could not participate because of National Festivities. Some of the best Dutch and Belgian shooters were still abroad on a training-mission or on a Ops-mission. So, this competition was an opportunity for other shooters to show what they are capable of.

    1. CF Team Match (June 16th)
      1CC Hooghe: 548 Pts
      1QC Michiels: 543 Pts
      Adjt Pirotte: 542 Pts
      1Lt Liétaert: 539 Pts
      1CC Haenebalcke: 535 Pts
      1CC Deruytter: 515 Pts (Woman)
      Team Results (Best 4 out of 5): BEL 2172 Pts - NED 2112 Pts
    2. CF Indiv Match (June 16th)
      1QC Michiels: 557 Pts (1st)
      Adjt Pirotte: 551 Pts (2nd)
      1CC Hooghe: 549 Pts (3rd)
      1Lt Liétaert: 549 Pts (4rd)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 535 Pts (7th)
      1CC Deruytter: 490 Pts (11th)
    3. MRF Team Match (June 17th)
      Adjt Pirotte: 558 Pts
      1CC Hooghe: 552 Pts
      1Lt Liétaert: 533 Pts
      1QC Michiels: 525 Pts
      1CC Haenebalcke: 522 Pts
      1CC Deruytter: 464 Pts (not allowable malfunction 0/50)
      Team Results (Best 4 out of 5): BEL 2168 Pts - NED 2034 Pts
    4. MRF Indiv Match (June 17th)
      1Lt Liétaert: 556 Pts (1st)
      Adjt Pirotte: 552 Pts (2nd)
      1CC Hooghe: 551 Pts (3rd)
      1QC Michiels: 528 Pts (6th)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 528 Pts (7th)
      1CC Deruytter: 520 Pts (9th)
    Best Team: Belgium (4340 Pts)
    Best Indiv Shooter: 1Lt Liétaert-BEL (1105 Pts)
    Best Female Shooter: Kapt Van Harten-NED (2193 Pts)

    On June 18th, another competition took place: the "Kol J.J. Cramer Revolver" competition. The best shooters of every Dutch Defense department were invited to shoot this Center Fire Match. Also this year, we were not strong enough to win the Trophy. We missed the first place with 3 points.

    1Lt Liétaert: 553 Pts (2nd)
    1QC Michiels: 546 Pts (4th)
    Adjt Pirotte: 543 Pts (6th)
    1CC Haenebalcke: 543 Pts (7th)
    1CC Hooghe: 540 Pts (9th)
    1CC Deruytter: 500 Pts (13th)

    This three days competition was a good, intensive match training. In comparison to the Regional CISM competition in Pilsen, better results were shot. This was necessary. 1CC Deruytter did not so well, but she's still recovering from an elbow injury.

    After the Benelux competition, we visited the Airborn Museum of Oosterbeek (Renkum near Arnhem): http://www.airbornemuseum.org/

    Photo's of the tournament can be found on: http://picasaweb.google.com/NMP.SHO/BENELUXCUPPistolShooting2010#

    zondag 13 juni 2010

    Benelux Cup Rifle Shooting 2010

    After many years, a Benelux Rifle Shooting Tournament was organised again. Thanks to our good relations with the Dutch CISM Team in general, and the efforts of Gérard Badenbroek (SHR-NED) in particular, we were able to compete on a 300m shooting range in HARSKAMP (Dutch military shooting camp). The camp provided lodging, catering and of course the shooting range. The range was equipped nicely as it should be: a shooting building, a Sius Ascor scoring system and a range for 20 targets at 300m with wind flags.
    On Thursday the team matches were held. On Friday morning, the individual competition in Standard Rifle 3 Positions (or 50m Rifle 3 positions) took place. Some shooters had difficulties dealing with the windy conditions that morning. Nevertheless the wind, Adjt Provinciael managed to shoot a new personal record.
    1. SR Team Match
      Adjt Provinciael: 548 Pts
      Adjt Aspers: 530 Pts
      Cpl Baiocchi: 535 Pts
      Adjt Van Herreweghe: 522 Pts
      Belgium: 1613 Pts
      The Netherlands: 1621 Pts

      Sdt Vercrusse (50m 3Positions): 559 Pts
    2. MRF Team Match
      Adjt Provinciael: 522 Pts
      Adjt Aspers: 487 Pts
      Cpl Baiocchi: 520 Pts
      Adjt Van Herreweghe: 485 Pts
      Belgium: 1529 Pts
      The Netherlands: 1541 Pts
    3. SR Individual Match
      Adjt Provinciael: 572 Pts (First place, New personal record)
      Sdt Vercrusse: 555 Pts (Third place)
      Adjt Aspers: 529 Pts
      Cpl Baiocchi: 545 Pts
      Adjt Van Herreweghe: 510 Pts
    Going back home, we were nicely escorted through the Dutch traffic jams by the Marechaussee Motorcycle Man from Eindhoven. Whish we had those kind of escorts in Belgium.

    zondag 6 juni 2010

    Training Results Pistol Team 03 Jun at Florennes

    1. CF
      1CC Hooghe: 544 Pts (275+269)
      Adjt Pirotte: 535 Pts (275+260)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 524 Pts (269+255)
      1QC Michiels: 546 Pts (282+264)
      1Lt Liétaert: 534 Pts (266+268)
    2. MRF
      1CC Hooghe: 564 Pts (187+189+188)
      Adjt Pirotte: 552 Pts (178+183+191)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 534 Pts (191+182+161)
      1QC Michiels: 546 Pts (186+181+175)
      1Lt Liétaert: 543 Pts (184+185+174)

    zondag 30 mei 2010

    ISSF WC Fort Benning (USA) - 10m Air Rifle Women

    Sdt Vercrusse Stephanie ended in the qualification round on the 22nd place with 394-26X. Hereby, Stephanie was the best in the Belgian team.
    Best three in the qualification:
    1. CHN 399-36X
    2. CHN 398-34X
    3. FRA 398-30X
    To get in the final (best 8 shooters), 396 Pts were needed.
    A "Shoot Off" was necessary to decide the 8th finalist, because 4 shooters totalized 396 Pts in the qualification round. An italian shooter won the "Shoot Off" with 52.3 Pts.

    maandag 24 mei 2010

    Initiation & Scouting 2010

    From Tuesday May 18th, till Thursday the 20th of May, AOC Florennes was again, the host for this event. New Comers and others interested in sport shooting could witness and take part in our activities:
    A presentation on CISM Shooting & on our pistol and rifle team by the team captain;
    A technical explanation in pistol and rifle shooting by the coaches;
    And of course, an initiation in sport shooting itself;

    A total of 8 candidates presented themselves: 3 for pistol and 5 for rifle.
    On Thursday, every candidate was to pass a test: a "Sport Pistol Match" for the pistol shooters, and a "3 Positions 50m Match" for the rifle shooters. The minimum for joining the team is 500/600 Pts. Just one candidate succeeded scoring more than 500 Pts. Cpl Jossart Oliver (RChA), a pistol shooter, totalized 520 Pts, 260 Pts in precision and 260 Pts in rapid fire.
    Welcome to the team Oliver! For the others: Keep on practising.

    At the same time, the annual “Challenge Cup Cdt Grangé” was held. The “Center Fire Match” was won by AJM Marique Jean-Luc, with 565 Pts (283 + 282 Pts). For the second place, a “shoot off” had to be shot between 1QC Michiels and 1CC Hooghe, since both scored 545 Pts in the regular Match. 1CC Hooghe won the “shoot off” with 47 Pts against 37 Pts for 1QC Michiels.

    The results of this pistol match can be found on: http://sites.google.com/site/nmpshp/Results

    vrijdag 7 mei 2010

    Ammo testing in Schönebeck (GER)

    The annual testing of small calibre ammo took place on May 05th in Schönebeck, Germany. After a nice journey (+/-600 Km) for the biggest part on the "autobahn A2 ", we arrived at Burg, some 40 Km from Schönebeck. We stayed at the "Clausewitz cazerne" over night and went to the factory the following morning.

    About 15 different lots of Center-X were tested in our weapons (pistol & rifles) in the testing facility. Two lots for pistol and three lots for rifle were selected, together 70.000 rounds.

    Again this year, the shooters can be sure they have excellent ammo at their disposal: "Ten's and X's" should be normal.

    zaterdag 1 mei 2010

    R-CISM Shooting Championship in the Czech Republic

    Plzen was, once again, the hosting city for this regional competition and this for the 20th time: A jubilee version, however with a uncertain future. As the town becomes bigger, more and more houses are being build nearer to the military shooting range of "DUKLA PILSEN". The new citizens, building in the rural surroundings of the military shooting range, can't bare the noise of guns. So, the shooting range has to reduce the noise. Big bore competitions, like our tournament, will no longer be possible, unless measures in noise reduction are realized. Therefore, the Czech Army decided not to organize this tournament in 2011 and study possible adaptations to the infrastructure, in order to fulfil to the civilian demands. This story sounds familiar to us. In Belgium, many shooting facilities have been closed down for the same reason. It's the world upside-down: people buy cheap grounds for building (because of the presence of a shooting range) and than complain about the noise. Although the shooting ranges were there first, they get what they want.
    Over to our results in the competition now:
    1. Pistol team
    • CF
      AJM Marique: 543 & 556 Pts
      1CC Hooghe: 537 & 540 Pts
      Adjt Pirotte: 535 & 542 Pts
      1CC Haenebalcke: 537 & 529 Pts
    • MRF
      AJM Marique: 564 & 563 Pts
      1CC Hooghe: 547 & 544 Pts
      Adjt Pirotte: 540 & 548 Pts
      1CC Haenebalcke: 543 & 533 Pts
    2. Rifle team

    • SR
      Adjt Aspers: 545 & 540 Pts
      Cpl Baiocchi: 527 & 533 Pts
      Adjt Van Herreweghe: 522 & 535 Pts New Personal Records
      1Sgt Wets: 495 & 514 Pts

    • MRF
      Adjt Aspers: 522 Pts
      Cpl Baiocchi: 517 Pts
      Adjt Van Herreweghe: 494 Pts
      1Sgt Wets: 487 Pts
    A few of our new shooters got the opportunity of shooting on an international level. They learned a lot.
    We have to congratulate Bart for his performance in Standard Rifle. In his first international competition, he set a new personal record, twice in a row.
    Another newbie, Patrick Haenebalcke, did well in his first tournament.
    It's clear that, the road to high performances is still long for them, but they made the first step successfully.

    Pictures of the tournament can be found on: http://picasaweb.google.com/NMP.SHO
    More results will soon be available on: http://cism.pcer.cz/

    donderdag 15 april 2010

    Trg resultaten SHP 15 Apr 10, Zwevegem (SBZ)

    1. CF
      AJM Marique: 564 Ptn (289+275)
      1QC Michiels: 555 Ptn (278+277), Yes! Zum wohl, Santé, Skoll, ...
      CLC Van Vliet: 488 Ptn (277+211), too many malfunctions in RF
      1Lt Liétaert: 542 Ptn (274+268)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 545 Ptn (272+273)
      Adjt Pirotte: 548 Ptn (274+274)
    2. MRF
      AJM Marique: 551 Ptn (182+192+177)
      1QC Michiels: 538 Ptn (189+189+160)
      CLC Van Vliet: 534 Ptn (172+181+181)
      1Lt Liétaert: 545 Ptn (182+188+175)
      1CC Haenebalcke: 560 Ptn (187+186+187), New Personal Record
      Adjt Pirotte: 556 Ptn (191+184+181)

    donderdag 1 april 2010

    Trg resultaten SHP 01 Apr 10, Zwevegem (SBZ)

    1. CF
      Lt Liétaert: 533 Ptn (264+269)
      1QC Michiels: 537 Ptn (275+262)
      OLt Vl Leurs: 547 Ptn (279+268) New Personal Mil Record
      1CC Haenebalcke: 547 Ptn (276+271)
      Adjt Pirotte: 547 Ptn (273+274)
    2. MRF
      Lt Liétaert: 523 Ptn (184+180+159)
      1QC Michiels: 550 Ptn (186+183+181) New Personal Record
      OLt Vl Leurs: 548 Ptn (181+180+187) New Personal Record
      1CC Haenebalcke: 549 Ptn (191+184+174) New Personal Record
      Adjt Pirotte: 549 Ptn (188+183+178)

    zondag 28 maart 2010

    Uitslagen Prov. Kamp. pistoolschieten 2010 -VSK

    1. Disc 11 - Luchtpistool
      1QC Michiels Daniël 524 Ptn (11 Pl - S1 - W-Vl)
      OLt Leurs Eline 367 Ptn (1 Pl - D1 - Lim)
      1CC Deruytter Brigitte 352 Ptn (4 Pl - D1 - Lim)
      1CC Meesschaert Luc 526 Ptn (10 Pl - S1 - W-Vl)
      Adjt bd Hommers Armand 566 Ptn (1 Pl - S3 - Lim)
      1CC bd Gerits Lisette 358 Ptn (1 Pl - D2 - Lim)
      Kpl bd Claes Hans 549 Ptn (5 Pl - S1 - Lim)
      1CC Darras Daniël 532 (6 Pl - S1 - W-Vl)
    2. Disc 13 - Zwaar kaliber pistool
      1QC Michiels Daniel 547 (1 Pl - S1 - W-Vl)
      1CC Meesschaert Luc 534 Ptn (3 Pl - S1 - W-Vl)
      1CC Haenebalcke Patrick 532 Ptn (S1 - Vl-B)
    3. Disc 14 - Standaard pistool
      1QC Michiels Daniël 512 Ptn (4 Pl - S1 - W-Vl)
      1CC Meesschaert Luc 465 Ptn (11 Pl - S1- W-Vl)
    4. Disc 16 - Sportpistool
      1QC Michiels Daniël 560 Ptn (1 Pl - S1 - W-Vl)
      1CC Meesschaert Luc 526 Ptn (9 Pl - S1- W-Vl)
      OLt Vl Leurs Eline 540 Ptn (2 Pl -D1 - Lim)
      1CC Deruytter Brigitte 468 Ptn (3 Pl - D1- Lim)
      Adjt bd Hommers Armand 570 Ptn (1 Pl - S3 - Lim)
      1SC bd Dillen René 533 Ptn (4Pl - S3 - Lim)
    5. Disc 17 - Super kaliber
      Lt Kol SBH Ottevaere Serge 260 Ptn (1 Pl - W-Vl)
      1CC Meesschaert Luc 212 Ptn (7 Pl - W-Vl)

    dinsdag 23 maart 2010

    ISSF WC Sydney (AUS)

    Sdt Vercrusse Stephanie ended in 25th place with 391/400 (26X) in the 10m Air Rifle Women.

    dinsdag 16 maart 2010

    European Championships 10m Air Weapons 2010

    The championships took place last week in Meraker (Norway).
    Belgium took a bronze medal in "10m Air Pistol Junior Women" with Manon Hamblenne (URSTBf).
    Our Stephanie (Sdt Vercrusse) was in 58th place in "10m Air Rifle Women" with 387 Pts (23X)/400.
    All results can be found on: www.ech2010.no/results.htm

    donderdag 4 maart 2010

    Calendar News

    The R-CISM tournaments in GER (Sonthofen-SHR & Warendorf-SHP) are scheduled for male shooters only. In each tournament, unfortunatly, just three shooters can take part per nation.

    zaterdag 27 februari 2010

    Team composition for R-CISM tournament in Pilsen (CZE)

    The following shooters have been selected:
    1. Pistol shooters:
      AJM Marique
      1CC Hooghe
      Adjt Pirotte
      1CC Haenebalcke
    2. Rifle shooters:
      Adjt Aspers
      Cpl Baiocchi
      1SG Wets
      Adjt Van Herreweghe
    More background Info on this tournament: http://www.cism.pcer.cz/

    donderdag 11 februari 2010

    Start Meeting 2010

    On Feb 10th, the annual start meeting was held in Brussels. Due to snowy weather conditions, we could not start at 09.30 Hr. Only a handful shooters was present at 0930 Hr. February 10th will be remembered as the day with the longest traffic jam in the Belgian history, as more than 900 Km of blocked cars were counted on our roads.

    As shooters arrived during the morning, we verified their shooting equipment. As mentioned in a earlier article, our “Chief of Mission” retired from the Armed Forces on Sep 1st. The newly appointed “Chief of Mission”, Lt Col Vallé Bart, joined us on our annual meeting.

    At noon, the pistol team took leave of 1CC David Denis. Denis entered the pistol team in 1999. Soon after that, he made it to the A-Team. Already in 2000, he participated in his first Mil World Championship shooting. During his ten years of military shooting, he accomplished good competition results: i.e. CF 573 Pts (BUL-2002), MRF 569 pts (CZE-2007), CF 577 Pts (Benelux-2009). He was three times Military Champion in service Pistol and won many other medals on various Belgian military & civilian competitions. He participated in four Mil World Championships: TUR (2000), FIN (2001), NOR (2006) & CRO (2009). After the departure of Rik and Paul, we lose yet another good pistol shooter. We’ll sure feel this in the team results, as the newer shooters are not yet on David’s level of performance. We are very grateful for his 10 years of dedication to our sport. He was awarded the silver CISM Star of Sports Merit.

    After lunch, the teams accomplishments of 2009, in both rifle & pistol, were reviewed and evaluated. The results of each shooter were reviewed individually by the coaches.

    Finally, the program for this year was revealed. 5 international tournaments are scheduled for the men’s teams (CZE, GER, SUI, AUT, BRA). The women have international tournaments in GER (SHP), FIN (both SHR & SHP) and BRA. This year, the shooters are allocated 30 days of Mil training on the shooting ranges of Zwevegem, Beveren-Leie, Florennes, Saive, Mechelen. We hope to shoot a Benelux tournament in the Netherlands, for both rifle & pistol team in June.

    The “GO” has been given, the training starts.

    donderdag 4 februari 2010

    International calendar 2010 is out now!

    We have the following shooting tournaments planned for 2010:
    R-CISM Pilsen (CZE), Men SHP + SHR, Apr;
    R-CISM Sonthofen (GER), Men SHR, Jun;
    R-CISM Warendorf (GER), Men & Women SHP, Jul;
    R-CISM Kajaani (FIN), Women SHP + SHR, Sep;
    R-CISM Bern/Thun (SUI), Men SHP + SHR, Sep;
    R-CISM Lienz (AUT), Men SHR, Oct;
    R-CISM Süssenbrun (AUT), Men SHP, Oct;
    CISM World Championship in Rio de Janeiro (BRA), Men & Women SHP + SHR, Nov.
    Hopefully, this planning can be worked out.

    zaterdag 9 januari 2010

    Start meeting 2010

    On Feb 10th, the start meeting 2010 will be held in EVERE.

    donderdag 7 januari 2010

    New Chief of Mission

    It's official now: Lt Kol Vallé Bart is the new Chief of Mission Shooting. Like his predecessor, Lt Kol Vallé is an officer of the Medical Component. He’s the Commanding Officer in CMO 17 at the Naval Base in Zeebrugge.
    Bart, welcome in the team.

    zaterdag 2 januari 2010

    Happy New Year!

    To all shooters, I wish you many " 10's & X's " in 2010.