zaterdag 27 februari 2010

Team composition for R-CISM tournament in Pilsen (CZE)

The following shooters have been selected:
  1. Pistol shooters:
    AJM Marique
    1CC Hooghe
    Adjt Pirotte
    1CC Haenebalcke
  2. Rifle shooters:
    Adjt Aspers
    Cpl Baiocchi
    1SG Wets
    Adjt Van Herreweghe
More background Info on this tournament: http://www.cism.pcer.cz/

donderdag 11 februari 2010

Start Meeting 2010

On Feb 10th, the annual start meeting was held in Brussels. Due to snowy weather conditions, we could not start at 09.30 Hr. Only a handful shooters was present at 0930 Hr. February 10th will be remembered as the day with the longest traffic jam in the Belgian history, as more than 900 Km of blocked cars were counted on our roads.

As shooters arrived during the morning, we verified their shooting equipment. As mentioned in a earlier article, our “Chief of Mission” retired from the Armed Forces on Sep 1st. The newly appointed “Chief of Mission”, Lt Col Vallé Bart, joined us on our annual meeting.

At noon, the pistol team took leave of 1CC David Denis. Denis entered the pistol team in 1999. Soon after that, he made it to the A-Team. Already in 2000, he participated in his first Mil World Championship shooting. During his ten years of military shooting, he accomplished good competition results: i.e. CF 573 Pts (BUL-2002), MRF 569 pts (CZE-2007), CF 577 Pts (Benelux-2009). He was three times Military Champion in service Pistol and won many other medals on various Belgian military & civilian competitions. He participated in four Mil World Championships: TUR (2000), FIN (2001), NOR (2006) & CRO (2009). After the departure of Rik and Paul, we lose yet another good pistol shooter. We’ll sure feel this in the team results, as the newer shooters are not yet on David’s level of performance. We are very grateful for his 10 years of dedication to our sport. He was awarded the silver CISM Star of Sports Merit.

After lunch, the teams accomplishments of 2009, in both rifle & pistol, were reviewed and evaluated. The results of each shooter were reviewed individually by the coaches.

Finally, the program for this year was revealed. 5 international tournaments are scheduled for the men’s teams (CZE, GER, SUI, AUT, BRA). The women have international tournaments in GER (SHP), FIN (both SHR & SHP) and BRA. This year, the shooters are allocated 30 days of Mil training on the shooting ranges of Zwevegem, Beveren-Leie, Florennes, Saive, Mechelen. We hope to shoot a Benelux tournament in the Netherlands, for both rifle & pistol team in June.

The “GO” has been given, the training starts.

donderdag 4 februari 2010

International calendar 2010 is out now!

We have the following shooting tournaments planned for 2010:
R-CISM Pilsen (CZE), Men SHP + SHR, Apr;
R-CISM Sonthofen (GER), Men SHR, Jun;
R-CISM Warendorf (GER), Men & Women SHP, Jul;
R-CISM Kajaani (FIN), Women SHP + SHR, Sep;
R-CISM Bern/Thun (SUI), Men SHP + SHR, Sep;
R-CISM Lienz (AUT), Men SHR, Oct;
R-CISM Süssenbrun (AUT), Men SHP, Oct;
CISM World Championship in Rio de Janeiro (BRA), Men & Women SHP + SHR, Nov.
Hopefully, this planning can be worked out.