zondag 20 juni 2010

Benelux Cup CISM Pistol Shooting 2010

From June 16th till the 18th, we joined the Dutch team at Arnhem (Lodging) / Nijmegen (Shooting Range) for the annual (since 2006) Benelux Pistol Competition. Unfortunately LUX could not participate because of National Festivities. Some of the best Dutch and Belgian shooters were still abroad on a training-mission or on a Ops-mission. So, this competition was an opportunity for other shooters to show what they are capable of.

  1. CF Team Match (June 16th)
    1CC Hooghe: 548 Pts
    1QC Michiels: 543 Pts
    Adjt Pirotte: 542 Pts
    1Lt Liétaert: 539 Pts
    1CC Haenebalcke: 535 Pts
    1CC Deruytter: 515 Pts (Woman)
    Team Results (Best 4 out of 5): BEL 2172 Pts - NED 2112 Pts
  2. CF Indiv Match (June 16th)
    1QC Michiels: 557 Pts (1st)
    Adjt Pirotte: 551 Pts (2nd)
    1CC Hooghe: 549 Pts (3rd)
    1Lt Liétaert: 549 Pts (4rd)
    1CC Haenebalcke: 535 Pts (7th)
    1CC Deruytter: 490 Pts (11th)
  3. MRF Team Match (June 17th)
    Adjt Pirotte: 558 Pts
    1CC Hooghe: 552 Pts
    1Lt Liétaert: 533 Pts
    1QC Michiels: 525 Pts
    1CC Haenebalcke: 522 Pts
    1CC Deruytter: 464 Pts (not allowable malfunction 0/50)
    Team Results (Best 4 out of 5): BEL 2168 Pts - NED 2034 Pts
  4. MRF Indiv Match (June 17th)
    1Lt Liétaert: 556 Pts (1st)
    Adjt Pirotte: 552 Pts (2nd)
    1CC Hooghe: 551 Pts (3rd)
    1QC Michiels: 528 Pts (6th)
    1CC Haenebalcke: 528 Pts (7th)
    1CC Deruytter: 520 Pts (9th)
Best Team: Belgium (4340 Pts)
Best Indiv Shooter: 1Lt Liétaert-BEL (1105 Pts)
Best Female Shooter: Kapt Van Harten-NED (2193 Pts)

On June 18th, another competition took place: the "Kol J.J. Cramer Revolver" competition. The best shooters of every Dutch Defense department were invited to shoot this Center Fire Match. Also this year, we were not strong enough to win the Trophy. We missed the first place with 3 points.

1Lt Liétaert: 553 Pts (2nd)
1QC Michiels: 546 Pts (4th)
Adjt Pirotte: 543 Pts (6th)
1CC Haenebalcke: 543 Pts (7th)
1CC Hooghe: 540 Pts (9th)
1CC Deruytter: 500 Pts (13th)

This three days competition was a good, intensive match training. In comparison to the Regional CISM competition in Pilsen, better results were shot. This was necessary. 1CC Deruytter did not so well, but she's still recovering from an elbow injury.

After the Benelux competition, we visited the Airborn Museum of Oosterbeek (Renkum near Arnhem): http://www.airbornemuseum.org/

Photo's of the tournament can be found on: http://picasaweb.google.com/NMP.SHO/BENELUXCUPPistolShooting2010#

zondag 13 juni 2010

Benelux Cup Rifle Shooting 2010

After many years, a Benelux Rifle Shooting Tournament was organised again. Thanks to our good relations with the Dutch CISM Team in general, and the efforts of Gérard Badenbroek (SHR-NED) in particular, we were able to compete on a 300m shooting range in HARSKAMP (Dutch military shooting camp). The camp provided lodging, catering and of course the shooting range. The range was equipped nicely as it should be: a shooting building, a Sius Ascor scoring system and a range for 20 targets at 300m with wind flags.
On Thursday the team matches were held. On Friday morning, the individual competition in Standard Rifle 3 Positions (or 50m Rifle 3 positions) took place. Some shooters had difficulties dealing with the windy conditions that morning. Nevertheless the wind, Adjt Provinciael managed to shoot a new personal record.
  1. SR Team Match
    Adjt Provinciael: 548 Pts
    Adjt Aspers: 530 Pts
    Cpl Baiocchi: 535 Pts
    Adjt Van Herreweghe: 522 Pts
    Belgium: 1613 Pts
    The Netherlands: 1621 Pts

    Sdt Vercrusse (50m 3Positions): 559 Pts
  2. MRF Team Match
    Adjt Provinciael: 522 Pts
    Adjt Aspers: 487 Pts
    Cpl Baiocchi: 520 Pts
    Adjt Van Herreweghe: 485 Pts
    Belgium: 1529 Pts
    The Netherlands: 1541 Pts
  3. SR Individual Match
    Adjt Provinciael: 572 Pts (First place, New personal record)
    Sdt Vercrusse: 555 Pts (Third place)
    Adjt Aspers: 529 Pts
    Cpl Baiocchi: 545 Pts
    Adjt Van Herreweghe: 510 Pts
Going back home, we were nicely escorted through the Dutch traffic jams by the Marechaussee Motorcycle Man from Eindhoven. Whish we had those kind of escorts in Belgium.

zondag 6 juni 2010

Training Results Pistol Team 03 Jun at Florennes

  1. CF
    1CC Hooghe: 544 Pts (275+269)
    Adjt Pirotte: 535 Pts (275+260)
    1CC Haenebalcke: 524 Pts (269+255)
    1QC Michiels: 546 Pts (282+264)
    1Lt Liétaert: 534 Pts (266+268)
  2. MRF
    1CC Hooghe: 564 Pts (187+189+188)
    Adjt Pirotte: 552 Pts (178+183+191)
    1CC Haenebalcke: 534 Pts (191+182+161)
    1QC Michiels: 546 Pts (186+181+175)
    1Lt Liétaert: 543 Pts (184+185+174)