zondag 27 mei 2012

Regional Results

  1. 25m Standard Pistol (Disc 14)
    OLt Vl Leurs: 521 Pts
    Adjt Ret Hommers: 542 Pts
    1QC Michiels: 486 Pts
    Adjt Pirotte: 531 Pts
    AJM Marique: 518 Pts
  2. 25m Center Fire Pistol (Disc 13)
    1CC Haenebalcke: 550 Pts (278+272)
    1CC Ret. Meesschaert: 519 Pts (260+259)
    Adjt Ret. Hommers: 560 Pts (279+281)
    1SC Ret. Dillen: 532 Pts (255+277)
    OLt Vl Leurs: 537 Pts (278+259)
    AJM Marique: 554 Pts (275+279)
    Adjt Pirotte: 551 Pts (277+274)
  3. 25m Pistol (Disc 16)
    Adjt Pirotte: 550 Pts (269+281)
    Capt Liétaert: 517 Pts (258+259)
    AJM Marique: 557 Pts (279+278)
    OLt Vl Leurs: 561 Pts (283+278)
    1QC Michiels: 561 Pts (286+275)
    1CC Haenebalcke: 544 Pts (275+269)
    Adjt Ret Hommers: 569 Pts (289+280)

zaterdag 5 mei 2012

New Pistol Gunsmith

Our gunsmith since 2008, 1CC Meesschaert Luc, left the active service last April. Luc did a marvelous job in the team. The pistol shooters were very pleased with his work. Earlier this year we took officially leave of Luc.

Adjt Delhaye Pascal, an arms instructor of our Logistic School, took over. 
Welcome to the team Pascal!

woensdag 2 mei 2012

President CSC Shooting passed away.

Col Josef Fischlin (SUI), President of  "CISM Shooting Committee", passed away on Monday, 23th April 2012. His funeral took place on Wednesday, May 2nd. Josef lost  his fight against cancer. 
Col Fischlin was a member of CSC Shooting through the years of 2000 until 2003 and eventually took over the presidency of CSC Shooting by January, 1st 2004.