maandag 26 september 2011

More Pistol Nationals

  1. 25m Center Fire Pistol (Disc 13)
    1QC Michiels: 562 Pts (289+273), Silver in S1
    1CC Haenebalcke: 547 Pts (276+271), 5th
    1CC Meesschaert: 531 Pts (265+266), 7th
    AJM Marique: 562 Pts (276+285), Gold & National Champion S2
    Adjt Ret Hommers: 573 Pts (288+285), Gold & National Champion S3
    OLt Vl Leurs: 547 Pts (276+271), Gold & National Champion D1
  2. 25m Pistol (Disc 16)
    Adjt Warichet: 577 Pts (286+291), Gold & National Champion S1
    1QC Michiels: 569 Pts (284+285), 4th
    1CC Haenebalcke: 533 Pts (262+271), 12th
    1CC Meesschaert: 526 Pts (264+262), 14th
    Adjt Ret Hommers: 556 Pts (285+271), Gold & National Champion S3
    OLt Vl Leurs: 552 Pts (266+286), Gold & National Champion D1

zondag 18 september 2011

National Championship Standard Pistol

OLt Vl Leurs: 531 Pts, Gold & National Champion (D1)
AJM Marique: 542 Pts, Gold & National Champion (S2)
1QC Michiels: 542 Pts, Silver (S1)

zaterdag 17 september 2011

Challenge Cup Cdt Grangé

The 7th Edition of the "Challenge Cup Cdt Grangé" was held on Sep 15th at Florennes, on the AOC shooting range. The days before, we initiated new candidates for the team. The night before the match, the dutch team joined us. Their team however, was not at full strength & size. Nevertheless, we enjoyed there company & competition.
Old time shooter 1SC Rynkens Rik won the Center Fire Pistol Match with 564 Pts (278+286), before AJM Marique Jean-Luc with 555 Pts (287+268). 1QC Daniël Michiels took third place with 551 Pts (275+276).
One candidate for the team, passed the limit of 500 Pts: 1SC Henrion Jean-Lou shot 514 Pts (including one miss, 261+253) and will join the team in 2012.
Once more, we thank Marc, Armand, Guy & Manu for their enthusiasm, work and dedication.

Pistol Team BBQ

Our annual BBQ took place on Sep 03rd in Ghent. Food, weather, and company were excellent, as allways.