zondag 13 juni 2010

Benelux Cup Rifle Shooting 2010

After many years, a Benelux Rifle Shooting Tournament was organised again. Thanks to our good relations with the Dutch CISM Team in general, and the efforts of Gérard Badenbroek (SHR-NED) in particular, we were able to compete on a 300m shooting range in HARSKAMP (Dutch military shooting camp). The camp provided lodging, catering and of course the shooting range. The range was equipped nicely as it should be: a shooting building, a Sius Ascor scoring system and a range for 20 targets at 300m with wind flags.
On Thursday the team matches were held. On Friday morning, the individual competition in Standard Rifle 3 Positions (or 50m Rifle 3 positions) took place. Some shooters had difficulties dealing with the windy conditions that morning. Nevertheless the wind, Adjt Provinciael managed to shoot a new personal record.
  1. SR Team Match
    Adjt Provinciael: 548 Pts
    Adjt Aspers: 530 Pts
    Cpl Baiocchi: 535 Pts
    Adjt Van Herreweghe: 522 Pts
    Belgium: 1613 Pts
    The Netherlands: 1621 Pts

    Sdt Vercrusse (50m 3Positions): 559 Pts
  2. MRF Team Match
    Adjt Provinciael: 522 Pts
    Adjt Aspers: 487 Pts
    Cpl Baiocchi: 520 Pts
    Adjt Van Herreweghe: 485 Pts
    Belgium: 1529 Pts
    The Netherlands: 1541 Pts
  3. SR Individual Match
    Adjt Provinciael: 572 Pts (First place, New personal record)
    Sdt Vercrusse: 555 Pts (Third place)
    Adjt Aspers: 529 Pts
    Cpl Baiocchi: 545 Pts
    Adjt Van Herreweghe: 510 Pts
Going back home, we were nicely escorted through the Dutch traffic jams by the Marechaussee Motorcycle Man from Eindhoven. Whish we had those kind of escorts in Belgium.

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