zaterdag 25 juni 2011

R-CISM NED Pistol Shooting 2011

The Dutch Pistol Team organised a R-CISM Pistol Shooting in Nijmegen at the Heumensoord shooting range from June 14th till 17th. CZE, SUI, BEL & LUX were invited. Unfortunately LUX & CZE were not present. Lodging took place in Arnhem at the Oranje Kazerne. As SUI only had two male competitors, we agreed to count their female shooter in the team ranking. Adjt Götti Hansruedi (SUI) shot outstanding through out the whole competition and was no competition for us. The Dutch Team was handicapped, they could only compete with three shooters, the absolute minimum. The SUI won every event. Only in the MRF-team match, we came close on their heels, at six points to be precise. Our RIO-Team did well: a couple of 560's were shot, AJM Marique shot even a 573 in MRF and OLt Vl Leurs was able to beat her Personal Best in MRF by six points (562Pts). This is a New Belgian Military Best, the former Best of 553 Pts was held by 1CC Deruytter.

AJM Marique: CF 564 & 537, MRF 559 & 573
Adjt Pirotte: CF 554 & 558, MRF 564 & 560
1QC Michiels: CF 556 &560, MRF 551 & 543
OLt Leurs: SP 538 & 547, MRF 544 & 562 (New Personal Best)
1CC Haenebalcke: CF 534 & 537, MRF 549 & 534
1CC Deruytter: SP 526 & 516, MRF 524 &540
After the competition, we visited "the National Liberation Museum" of Groesbeek (near Nijmegen), http://www.bevrijdingsmuseum.nl/.
On friday we participated, as last year, in the traditional "Kol J.J. Cramer Revolver Match" (25m CF or 25m Pistol). No pots got broken here.
AJM Marique: 556 Pts
Adjt Pirotte: 554 Pts
1QC Michiels: 546 Pts
OLt Leurs: 542 Pts
1CC Haenebalcke: 540 Pts
1CC Deruytter: 509 Pts

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