zaterdag 6 oktober 2012


The Pistol tournament was organized at the Heumensoord shooting range in Nijmegen. Pistol Teams from Germany, Bosnia & Herzegovina, the Netherlands and Latvia were present. For this competition, 2 sets of 5 electronic scoring targets were used (Sius-Ascor). Since there were 23 competitors (16 male + 7 female), three relays were necessary. The organisation had to keep on going all day through (no breaks at all) in order to be ready by darkness. The Dutch Pistol Team, reinforced with retired team members and some volunteers from the armed forces did a good job. The weather unfortunately, was dark, cold, windy and wet. It surely influenced the results, especially during the MRF team Match on Thursday morning.
We managed to be in third place in MRF. AJM Marique became third in MRF individual.
  1. 25m CF Pistol  Team Match / 25m Pistol
    AJM Marique: 556 Pts (281+275)
    1CC Haenebalcke: 547 Pts (268+284)
    Adjt Pirotte: 543 Pts (266+277)
    1QC Michiels: 543 Pts (279+264)
    Team: 1646 Pts (4th)
    Lt Vl Leurs: 553 Pts (273+280)
  2. 25m CF Pistol Indiv Match / 25m Pistol Indiv
    AJM Marique: 557 Pts (274+283), 9th
    1CC Haenebalcke: 557 Pts (268+284), 11th, Equal Personal Best
    1QC Michiels: 544 Pts (280+264), 13th
    Adjt Pirotte: 541 Pts (274+267), 15th
    Lt Vl Leurs: 542 Pts (271+271), 5th
  3. 25m Mil Rapid Fire Team Match
    Adjt Pirotte: 541 Pts (184+177+180)
    1CC Haenebalcke: 538 Pts (179+186+173)
    AJM Marique: 537 Pts (183+179+175)
    1QC Michiels: 509 Pts (175+172+162)
    Team: 1616 Pts (3rd)
    Lt Vl Leurs: 551 Pts (177+188+186)

4.  25m Mil Rapid Fire Indiv Match
    AJM Marique: 566 Pts (183+179+175), 3rd
    1QC Michiels: 543 Pts (183+178+182), 12th
    Adjt Pirotte: 542 Pts (183+186+173), 10th 
    1CC Haenebalcke: 542 Pts (185+172+185), 11th
    Lt Vl Leurs: 552 Pts (183+184+185), 5th

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