maandag 24 mei 2010

Initiation & Scouting 2010

From Tuesday May 18th, till Thursday the 20th of May, AOC Florennes was again, the host for this event. New Comers and others interested in sport shooting could witness and take part in our activities:
A presentation on CISM Shooting & on our pistol and rifle team by the team captain;
A technical explanation in pistol and rifle shooting by the coaches;
And of course, an initiation in sport shooting itself;

A total of 8 candidates presented themselves: 3 for pistol and 5 for rifle.
On Thursday, every candidate was to pass a test: a "Sport Pistol Match" for the pistol shooters, and a "3 Positions 50m Match" for the rifle shooters. The minimum for joining the team is 500/600 Pts. Just one candidate succeeded scoring more than 500 Pts. Cpl Jossart Oliver (RChA), a pistol shooter, totalized 520 Pts, 260 Pts in precision and 260 Pts in rapid fire.
Welcome to the team Oliver! For the others: Keep on practising.

At the same time, the annual “Challenge Cup Cdt Grangé” was held. The “Center Fire Match” was won by AJM Marique Jean-Luc, with 565 Pts (283 + 282 Pts). For the second place, a “shoot off” had to be shot between 1QC Michiels and 1CC Hooghe, since both scored 545 Pts in the regular Match. 1CC Hooghe won the “shoot off” with 47 Pts against 37 Pts for 1QC Michiels.

The results of this pistol match can be found on: http://sites.google.com/site/nmpshp/Results

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